Google Virtual Tours - Street View or GMB Integration

Google Virtual Tours - Street View or GMB Integration

We offer professional Google virtual tour services to businesses seeking to showcase their properties in an immersive way. This technology is especially valuable for hotels, restaurants, spas, retail stores, and other businesses that wish to give potential customers an accurate sense of their venue before they visit. By adding a virtual tour to your Google listing, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and create a more engaging user experience. Our company is an official contributor for Google and has years of experience in seamlessly embedding virtual tours into Google listings. This one-time service incurs a fee and offers a permanent addition to your Google presence. By taking advantage of our expertise in this area, you can enhance your online visibility and make a lasting impression on potential customers. Nonetheless, it is important to note that the current Google platform restricts the virtual tour to 360-degree viewing and walkthroughs capabilities.

Hosted Virtual Tours (with Overlays, Hotspots & More...)

Our Hosted Virtual Tour Package delivers an exceptional and captivating experience for your potential customers. By selecting this package, you can benefit from added features such as animation, interactive buttons, links to videos and documents, and specialized features such as 'Book a Room' or 'Add to Cart' for hotels and stores, respectively. These features not only enhance the customer experience but also extend the amount of time visitors spend on your website, which can boost your Google SEO rankings.

In addition, when you opt for the Enhanced Package, you will receive a complimentary Google Virtual Tour as a bonus. Our team of experts will seamlessly embed the updated virtual tour from the Hosted Tour Package into your Google listing to ensure a smooth and integrated experience for your customers.

Hosted Tours come with a yearly hosting fee of INR 5000, with free hosting for the first year. As these tours are stored on servers worldwide and need to be hosted online 24/7, hosting fees are incurred. However, you may choose to host your virtual tour on your own server if you have one set up. This would require a one-time download fee.

For a one-time fee of INR 10000, you can download the virtual tour and host it on your own server. This would eliminate the need for yearly hosting fees, and give you complete control over the hosting of your tour.

Basic Enhanced
360° Panoramic HDR Shots (60MP / 11k)
Virtual walk through
360 viewing capabilities (Click & Drag)
Multi level coverage
Seamless website integration
Engagement statistics
Accessible on all platforms (Smart phone, tablets and desktops)
Basic Editing
  • Face & license plate blurring
  • Constellation mapping
  • Nadir patching w/ brand logo
Advanced Editing
  • Editing enhancements
  • Bracketing EVs
  • ISO, WB, corrections & more.
Interactive Features
  • Hotspots – Interactive link buttons customizable to display Info, Documents, Audio & Video or ‘Book Room’ link feature
  • Overlays – Fully customizable Menus & Control Bars for the tour
  • Interactive Floor Maps
Hosting Fee
Monthly ₹ 500
Annually ₹ 5000
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